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O chestnut-tree, great-rooted blossomer,
Are you the leaf, the blossom or the bole?
O body swayed to music, O brightening glance,
How can we know the dancer from the dance?


W.B. Yeats, The Collected Poems of W.B. Yeats




2018 :


Staatsbosbeheer | Kasteel Groeneveld

solo exhibition & publication | drawings and a video | July 8th - September 9th 2018

contributions by four poets: Antoine de Kom (NL/Surinam), Co Woudsma (NL), Nafiss Nia (Iran) and Sanja Percela (Croatia)


B O O M | T R E E - publication

Thanks to the contributors to the crowdfunding campaign Voordekunst for making possible the production of the nice booklet B O O M. I'm proud of the results, many thanks to Tienstuks publishers.

Available at: Museum Belvédère | Heerenveen-Oranjewoud, Tienstuks Publishers and on demand at the bookstores (in stock at Martyrium bookstore). ISBN 978 90 8860 148 4 or send me an e-mail info[at]jetnijkamp.nl/p>

Watch the nice pics on the project page of paper expert institute Monsterkamer.




Read the nice interview by Els Blom in daily newspaper Gooi- en Eemlander 19/7/2018:












Museum Belvédère Heerenveen | Oase Oranjewoud | group show | tekening & video van inkervingen van bomen | 23 juni - 23 september 2018 | curator Han Steenbruggen


Provinciehuis Noord-Holland - Haarlem | begrensd oppervlak | group show | dreefexposities | tekeningen van bomen & video van inkervingen van bomen | 16 maart - 11 mei 2018 | curator Aart van der Kuijl


Cacaofabriek Helmond | GUMboek boekpresentatie en tentoonstelling | group show | monumentale boomtekeningen | 25 maart - 13 mei 2018




2017-2018   tweeluik danser atlas  







  geŽnte paardenkastanje olie   geŽnte paardenkastanje rok   geënte paardenkastanje  


Chestnut - Rode paardenkastanje geënt - Vondelpark Amsterdam

40 x 30 cm - mixed media on panel - 2016

Chestnut - Rode paardenkastanje geënt Vondelpark Amsterdam -

110 x 100 cm - oil on canvas - 2016


Chestnut - Rode paardenkastanje geënt Vondelpark Amsterdam - 25,3 x 25,5 cm - charcoal/pencil/pastel - 2016



Chestnut - Rode paardenkastanje geënt

Vondelpark Amsterdam - 29,7 x 21 cm - mixed media - 2016

  moerascypres watercypres   chestnut    



Vondelpark Amsterdam - 2016

49 x 32 cm pastel/charcoal


Frederik Hendrikstraat Amsterdam

29,7 x 21 cm pastel/charcoal - 2016



Vondelpark Amsterdam

29,7 x 21 cm pencil - 2016




Cultuurgebouw De Meerse

Raadhuisplein 3



Cultuurgebouw De Meerse | Hoofddorp - March 20th - May 8th

duo exhibition with drawings and video by me and ceramics by Renske van Driel | more information to follow

curated by Ellen Witsen Elias

opening on March 20th by Joyce Roodnat


De Meerse Meerse tweeluik Meerse klimboom


March 6th - April 3rd | group show | Tekenkabinet 2016 'Drawing Front Amsterdam' at Nieuw Dakota | Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 41b - Amsterdam

Feb 27th - March 6th | group show | Josilda da Conceicao Gallery | Wormerveerstraat 15 - Amsterdam



Beurs van Berlage


This Art Fair at the Beurs van Berlage 30/12/2015 - 3/1/2016 - solo booth (number 56 - Effectenbeurszaal)


Daphne turned into a tree....


A presentation about trees and how they're part of our culture. We know the Greek mythology about people turning into trees, like Daphne, Philemon and Baucis. But do we know the direct connection between the Latin word caudex for treetrunk and the modern word codex for lawbook? The Romans used tree trunks of beech wood for making writing tablets. In a later period Roman emperor Justinian used an advanced version of such a codex for his collection of laws, which was hence called Codex Justinianus. Nowadays tree trunks are also used to write on, albeit in a different way. We engrave trees in cityparks with names, initials, years, hearts and sometimes with sexual or political statements and symbols. Like the Roman texts, they're intended to last, however over time the engravings fade or transform. In a way these tree tattoos form a historical and cultural layer reflecting the zeitgeist.


On show at This Art Fair: My work at This Art Fair explores both the bodily form of trees and their use as a writing ground for expression of gut feelings. The drawings are of the bark’s structure and hidden Daphnes. In a video projection I will show engravings found on trees in  Amsterdam’s Vondelpark and Munich’s Englischer Garten.



Join This: You're invited to support This Art Fair, which is mainly run by volunteers. A donation of € 250 is rewarded with a piece of art to be chosen from the special list of works by participating artists.




  canadian poplar   stand taf

poplar caol 01

Canadian poplar - 17 x 24 cm

charcoal - 2015 - sold


canadpop 02

Canadian poplar - 17 x 24 cm

charcoal/ink - 2015


- Canadian poplar - 49 x 32 cm pastel/charcoal - 2015

- videostill with engravings in a chestnut tree in the Amsterdam Vondelpark


Canadian poplar - 120 x 120 cm

pastel/charcoal - 2015


View on my booth at This Art Fair 2015/2016 - Beurs van Berlage - Amsterdam  

  vleugelnoot   haagbeuk   boom projectie  
  Pterocarya - 49 x 32 cm pastel/charcoal - 2015 - sold   Hornbeam - 49 x 32 cm pastel/charcoal - 2015 - sold  

Canadian poplar - 305 x 150 cm

pastel/charcoal/video - 2015






2015 June 12th-14th

City views | Stadsgezichten in Amsterdam | group show

Three drawings from the series Where am I?.


View on the Da Costakade


21 x 28 cm - 2015


Marius van Bouwdijk Bastiaansestraat 28

1054 SP Amsterdam












december 2014

grote amsterdamse kunstkalender 2015

365 Amsterdam artists in a calendar: one artist one work

my drawing My own Picasso I on January 20th

VP 01


grote amsterdamse kunstkalender 2015






Sept. 26th - Oct. 26th



Vondelpark 3


In my backyard - exhibition at VondelCS (in the Vondelpark)

Multidisciplinary project with drawings/video by Jet Nijkamp, poetry by Co Woudsma, Rozalie Hirs and Anna Enquist; a video walk through drawings and poems exploring the life circulation in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. Click here for more information on this project.


flyer in my backyard

location: VondelCS

Vondelpark 3, Amsterdam


Supported by:

- Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunstafk logo zw



logo VondelCS


VP 16 17

also at Saatchi Art

and on view at: PNOexpo

preview 2&3 november 2013 at Retort Ateliers - open studios

Rijnsburgstraat 74 Amsterdam










panorama tekening